Board Certification

  • Pediatrics



Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Medical School

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Hospital Affiliated With

Meritus Medical Center


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“The association between bullying and the psychological functioning of children with autism spectrum disorders.” Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (2013): Zablotsky, B., Bradshaw, C. P., Anderson, C., Law, P.A.

“Occurrence and family impact of elopement in children with autism spectrum disorders.” Pediatrics (2012): Anderson, C., Law, J. K., Daniels, A., Rice, C., Mandell, D. S., Hagopian, L., Law, P.A.


Dr. Law grew up as a missionary child in the Congo Africa where he was inspired to be a Pediatrician through his mother’s village public health work. He received his training at Johns Hopkins University and worked in international pediatrics and autism as a researcher and public health professional. Dr. Law has published many papers as a result of his research, but he considers it a greater joy to make a difference in the lives of his patients and their parents.